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  • Windows Vista/7 Launch Issues

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and can only see a blank screen after launching YSI 2, follow these steps:

    • Right click the YSI 2 icon
    • Select Run as Administrator
    YSI 2 should successfully open.
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  • Mac OSX Launch Issues

    If you are using Mac OSX and have trouble successfully launching YSI 2, ensure that you are logged in as the computer administrator and reinstall YSI 2.
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  • Photoshop Compatibility

    YSI 2 is only compatible with Photoshop CS4, CS5 & CS6. Earlier versions of Photoshop may generate unusual errors such as misaligned images and/or blank apertures. We are constantly working on a solution to make YSI 2 compatible with all versions of Photoshop.
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  • Importing Images - Processing Time

    YSI 2 now uses it's own engine to import images and no longer requires Photoshop. However, depending on your computer's specifications and the size of your image files, you may experience some delay. We recommend to import a maximum of 100 images at a time to allow your computer's memory to refresh.
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  • Lightroom - JPG Conversion

    If you are using Lightroom to convert your images to JPG files, please ensure to check the Minimize Embedded Metadata option within Lightroom's export dialog screen. Failing to do so may interrupt YSI 2's import process.
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  • Transferring YSI 1 Custom Templates into YSI 2

    Due to the coding differences between both applications, the .ist template files (i.e. My Templates Folder) cannot be re-imported into YSI 2.

    Until we introduce this feature into YSI 2, we recommend to process your custom templates within YSI 1 as finished layouts and batch process as PSD files. Then open YSI 2 and go to the Template Groups page. Select the PSD import facility to convert them as YSI 2 custom templates.
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  • YSI 1 Special Series Templates

    All Special Series Templates (modules 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) cannot be imported into YSI 2. However, we are currently updating these templates and will be added into YSI 2 at no extra charge to all registered users.
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  • Setting Photoshop Path

    To set the Path to Photoshop, click You Select It in the top menu bar, then Preferences. Once the window has appeared, click the Photoshop tab.

    WINDOWS USERS Click Browse and locate the Photoshop.exe file, usually located in the Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop folder. Click Open/Save.This will then populate the Path field with the path to Photoshop on your computer. Click the Save icon in the bottom right corner of the Preferences window.

    MAC USERS In the Select Photoshop Version dropdown menu, select the version of Photoshop on your computer. This should populate the Path field with Adobe Photoshop CS(version number). For example, if you select Adobe Photoshop CS5 in the Select Photoshop Version dropdown menu, Adobe Photoshop CS5 will appear in the Path field. Click the Save icon. Click the Save icon in the bottom right corner of the Preferences window.
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